Kayak Clinic

Duration: 3 Night 4 Day

To the true Kayaker, the kayak becomes an extension of their body, to take on rapids with the fluid grace akin to flowing water is a skill many of us aspire to. If you have ever sat in a raft and watched kayakers, you might yearn for their freedom, so why not learn to kayak yourself? And, Nepal, wow what more can we say that this is perhaps the most amazing place on earth to learn, with a selection of rivers perfect for novices and professional, breathtaking scenery and warm, friendly instructors on hand.

With all the danger involved and technical knowledge required to become a kayaker, it’s important that the first crucial steps you take in a kayak are molded to the correct path, to form a solid foundation that you can build on in years to come. That’s why Ultimate Rivers is the perfect beginning on your journey to ‘Kayaking Enlightenment’. Join with our highly trained, professional guides and let them help you from your first tentative moments on the river to tackling your first rapids and the entire whitewater world that lies beyond.

Ultimate Rivers, hand picks our guides for their technical skills, river safety, English language, and fun-loving personalities. On our introduction to Kayaking (the beginning of your addiction), we will teach you the inside and out of your kayak, basic paddle strokes, Eskimo roll, T-Rescue, Eddy Catch (Getting in to the out of the current), Ferry Glide (Crossing the current) and the essential basics of reading the current and river safety.

Who’s it for?
Anyone who wants to get addicted to whitewater kayaking.

Bungy Jumping, Canyoning, Mountain Biking Day trips, Day hiking.

Trip Length: 04 Days
River Days: 04
River Class: 1 – 3
At its Best: Oct to Dec, Mar to May

Leaving Kathmandu early in the morning we head east and out of the valley towards Dolaghat. Another hour or so see us at our destination for lunch. After lunch gets an introduction to your kayak and equipment and begins your paddling journey with an afternoon of flat water learning.

We head for our first rapids today and some real whit water learning. Follow your instructor down some class 1 to 2 rapids and build your confidence with practice catching eddies and crossing the river. Celebrate your success in the evening with a beer or two at Ultimate Rivers Bhote Koshi Resort.

In the morning we head to the Upper Sun Koshi for a morning of paddling and practicing our new found skills on the river. After lunch, we head back to Kathmandu which takes around three hours on the bus.