Seti River

Chitwan Jungle Safari

Duration: 2 Night 3 Day

The Seti River with its warm white waters, incredible scenery and beautiful camping places is one of the most popular short and easy river trips in Nepal. The gentle waters spill down from the slopes of the Fishtail Glacier and disappear underground near to Pokhara, emerging out warmer on the other side. This river may rage in the monsoon, making a four hour trip for the hardcore paddlers, outside of this it’s a splash and fun river that can be enjoyed by everyone and is also ideal for beginner kayakers.

Who’s it for?
The Seti River is a great, mini adventure for a beginner or first-time rafters and kayakers. The rivers warm, shallow waters make it ideal for families and older people as well who would like a taste of rafting in Nepal.

The river offers a lot for kayakers as well, massive waves and the challenge of taking on the formidable jungle corridor, four kilometers where the river runs through a gorge in a seemingly endless series of rapids. It’s certainly a trip worth considering.

  • Gentle Low Volume River
    Fine and Fun Rapids
    Beautiful Landscapes and Warm Water
    A Great Trip for the Entire Family

Trip Length: 03 Days
River Days: 03
River Class: 3
At its Best: Oct to Dec, Mar to May

Departing early by bus from Kathmandu, it takes around five hours to reach Damali. On arrival at the river, its time to unload the bus, sort out the gear and of course have lunch. After lunch, it’s all on board the rafts, a safety briefing by the guides and onto the river. We have an easy afternoon of rafting with a few nice rapids before landing the boats at a secluded beach and making our camp. After the hustle and bustle of our road trip, we will all relax in quiet surroundings and savor the beginning or rafting journey.

Breaking camp after a delicious breakfast we travel on the river deeper into the vibrant scenery of rural Nepal. Tranquil section of the river is broken up by class 3 rapids, exciting drops and a few rock gardens which require some well-coordinated paddling

A few hours of rafting and one last turbulent rapid brings us to the chilly waters of the Trisuli River. We pull out the river at Ghai Ghat and after lunch head on back to Kathmandu, Chitwan or Pokhara.