Sun Kosi

The River Of Gold

Duration: 8 Night 9 Day

270 km of pulsating, wild whitewater, epic size waves, house-sized holes and one hell of a fun expedition. What more can we say about the Sun Kosi! This river of biblical proportions runs down from the snow-covered slopes of Mount Shisha Pangma in the heart of arid Tibet. Almost all of the tributaries of the eastern Himalaya drain into the Sun Kosi which is what makes this river such a wild and popular ride amongst rafters from all over the world.

With a combination of sublime white water, magnificent scenery, villages, and pristine beaches it’s no wonder this expedition is listed as one of the world’s top ten river journeys.

Who’s it for?
For the whitewater enthusiast, to run this river at its height near the end of the monsoon will, perhaps, be the highlight of their rafting life! This serious expedition is for the intermediate to seasoned paddler, though if you can hold fast your nerves and learn quickly, then this can be good for first timers too.

The river offers a lot for kayakers as well, massive waves and the challenge of taking on the formidable jungle corridor, four kilometers where the river runs through a gorge in a seemingly endless series of rapids. It’s certainly a trip worth considering.

  • Massive Waves and Rapids in the High Water
    Four Kilometres of Raging Rapids in the Jungle Corridor
    Friendly Villages and the Chance to see Rural Nepal at its Best
    Live one of the World’s Top Ten River Journeys

Trip Length: 09 Days
River Days: 8 (270km)
River Class: 4 – 5
At its Best: Sep to Nov, May to June

An early start followed by three hours of driving takes us to the riverside town of Dolaghat. Lunch by the banks of the river followed by some time setting up the rafts and gear. We kick off the trip with a couple of hours of steady rafting before making camp on the riverside.

The real river journey starts off gently with some class two to three rapids, just a teaser for the bigger things to come. By the third day, the rapids begin to increase in size and continue to do so right down to the infamous Jungle Corridor, 4 km of continuous heart-pounding rapids. But if you survive that, it’s not all over yet; this river still has a few punches to pack. Meat Grinder, High Anxiety, Jaws, Harkapur II, Roller Coaster, and Dead Man’s Eddy are just a few of the rapids that you will want to write home about!

Saving the biggest and best rapids for the very last day, the Sun Kosi certainly is not a fizzler and will have your heart pounding right to the last moment. bit Dipper rapid is a highlight of this day. We take out the river at Chatra, just after the conflux with the Arun and the Tamur Rivers, two more epic journeys recommended for your next trip to Nepal! A two and half hour drive takes us to the airport for the short flight back to Kathmandu.