Chitwan Jungle Safari

Duration: 11 Night 12 Day

Let the Ultimate Rivers team take you on the whitewater expedition of a lifetime on the Tamur River hidden in Nepal’s the Far East. This trip is more than an incredible paddling experience, it’s a journey, a true expedition into the wilderness on foot, carrying everything we need. Trekking through the foothills to one of the best rafting rivers in Nepal. The 131 km of the river boasts 120 or more rapids, making this one of the most intense paddling experiences that will be lapped up by even the most seasoned rafter.

Aptly named ‘The Jewel in the East’, the waters of the Tamur fall down from the slopes of the world’s third highest peak, Mount Kanchenjunga. With its length and number of rapids, it has an immense amount of white water interest for the rafter, that doesn’t pettier out as you progress but gets better. There is a short day or so of mellow water in the middle to allow the rafter to suck in some air, relax racing pulses and get a good look at the mind-blowing scenery.

Who’s it for?
The Tamur is certainly not a river for the faint of heart. It’s a true wilderness expedition for rafting connoisseurs and adventure seekers from all walks of life. It has good possibilities for experienced kayakers to, though be prepared to spend a lot of time out of your boat scouting rapids!

  • Experience a True Wilderness Expedition
    High Action River with 120 Rapids in 131 km
    Visit Remote Eastern Nepal
    Jungles, Villages and Breathtaking Mountain Views

Trip Length: 12 Days
River Days: 6 (131km)
River Class: 5+
At its Best: Sept to Nov, Feb to May

A long journey awaits us in the early hours of the morning. We traverse the hills into Eastern Nepal, we are talking about a 16-hour bus journey, but there is plenty to see on route to Biratnagar where we will stay overnight. The following day its back on the bus for the short journey to Basantapur. This is where the real fun begins, arranging porters, sorting gear and getting ready for our expedition trek to the river. If you have less time and more cash, you can choose to fly direct to Biratnagar, saving days traveling.

Time to gear up and shoulder our packs. Follow the sturdy porters hefting kayaks, rafts and all of our camping equipment slowly up the winding trail and over the 10,000-foot pass towering above the scared Gupha Pokhari (Lake). The trekking route is quite spectacular with superb views of the Everest Region and beyond. We camp alongside the trail at night and rest our wiry limbs. On the last day, the trail drops down into the green rice fields of the Tamar Valley where the river awaits us.

While most river expeditions start out slowly with time to warm up, not this one, be prepared, the first 18 or so kilometers of the Tamur is one wild ride. No time for practice here lads, paddle hard and hold fast, this is man versus nature at its most epic! The river stretches on and does not let up, in this 120 km there are some 100 rapids, the only time you get to relax and let your hair down is in the evenings at the riverside camps.

You may riverside it’s all over, but wait, the fat lady has not sung yet, the last section of the Tamar is perhaps the steepest, the jungle lets out to green terraced rice fields as we are flushed down this wild, foaming chute and spat out onto the flat plains of the Terai. Take out at Chatara and drive to Biratnagar airport for a flight.

If you choose not to fly out, you will travel by overnight bus and arrive back in Kathmandu today around mid-morning.